We are the exclusive Croplands dealer in the Wangaratta and North East Victorian area. To see their website click here.

About Croplands

Croplands manufacture and supply quality spray equipment, components and accessories.


Croplands has been building sprayers since 1972. After operating for 40 years in the Australian and New Zealand environments we understand what the pressing problems are; before, during and after application. Our sprayers are built accordingly. We listen to farmers and produce cost effective solutions to suit their needs.


Our machinery is built to high quality standards. Robust design and generous dimensions result in unmatched durability. Working with feedback from farmers and operators, we develop sprayers that provide efficiency with a simple approach. We are proud of our innovative developments in spraying equipment, such as the Pegasus 8000 design.


At Croplands we believe it is not good enough to simply sell a piece of machinery. We believe it is important to give advice to growers on how to achieve the best possible outcome with their unit. How many other manufacturers can confidently give tailored recommendations on
nozzle selection? Our close relationship with Nufarm gives us a good understanding of chemicals and their requirements for application. Being part of the Spraywise program, Croplands has access to the latest research outcomes. If a grower needs a specific nozzle or advanced hydraulic controls – Croplands will find the solution.


Our service centres are staffed by experienced and internationally trained technicians who understand your sprayer from pump to boom. Croplands’ dealer network is trained to provide the very best local support. With dealers and warehouses located around the country spare parts and accessories are always available and close by. Croplands spare parts, sprayer components and accessories are manufactured and hand-picked for superior performance and longevity.

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