We are the exclusive dealers of Walker Mowers in the Wangaratta and North East area, to see the full range of their products you can visit their website here or see our showroom.

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A note from Bob Walker

I have been blessed to be involved in the power equipment industry for over thirty years. Many lessons have come my way during this time, the most important of which is that there is no greater asset than the people we deal with who make this business and product possible.

The lifeblood of our business is not the metal we bend or weld to make a machine, but rather it is the people we have come to rely on for building, selling, servicing and using our product. Getting to know ‘Walker Mowers’ people is a passion of mine. As an independent, family owned commercial lawn mower manufacturer, we have the advantage of being able to know our people much more intimately than many of our larger competitors. This helps us keep perspective on what we are really doing: helping to enrich the lives of people, not just building mowers to make money and pursue company growth. The truth is that alongside an excellent product design stands a group of talented, energetic, and loving people… ‘the Walker Mowers Family’.

Whether you own a small lawn mowing or commercial landscaping company or simply need a high quality, dependable mower for your acreage, we are glad that you are considering a Walker Mower and hope that you will join the Walker Family by adding out front mowing to your life.

Bob Walker, President